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Patrick Byers and the Been There band. . . check schedule for new shows


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In case you were wondering...

Make My Life in You

Im running fast and free

With every step Youre here with me

Moving at a faster pace

Strongly I can win the race

I live in You

I breathe in You

I run to You

Make my life in You

Wont let life get me down

My focus is on the Crown

Wont get lost in fear

Knowing that Youre always near

I know You Lord

I trust You Lord

I love you Lord

Please use me Lord

Yours to Keep

I flutter in the wind like a seed

Falling to the ground

Spinning turning no direction

Firmly planted, I want to be Your reflection

Seed meets soil and roots run deep

As your water gives life

And your suns warming light

Seed meets soil and roots run deep

I am Yours to keep

I am Yours to keep

Never happy with where I am

Always greener sides to the story

Looking back at where Ive been

Can I be satisfied, not chasing empty glory

Constant movement, no time for silence

I just cant hear that still small voice

Myself and me become my reliance

Time is coming soon, I gotta make that choice


Sometimes it's better left unsaid

All this junk floating in my head

Run the race, make ends meet

Wonder how I'm still on my 2 feet

I see you it all becomes new

I see you life comes into view

I pay the price cause nothin's free

Sometimes I need someone to carry me

It get's no easier and nothin's the same


Feels like a funeral

Sometimes I wonder

Will tomorrow be the same

Thoughts and recollections

Of sins and rejections

It's safe to say I'm afraid

There comes a time when I have to look inside

And make amends with my lonliness and pride

It eats away like acid in my side

And I can't say if it ever comes out right

Unbroken barriers

When will I make it

This heart in me always cries

Am I a loser

Or an abuser

This pain could leave me in a sigh

Still in my confusion

I come to some conclusions

But I'm not sure where they lead

Now I see the sunshine

Turn into the moonlight

When someday comes then I'll see

Remember Me

The week is over its time we parted ways

Weve grown so much older in these short days

Looking down to see the mountain

Hes changed us from within

Our hearts overflow like fountains

New lives begin

We say


Remember me and our time together

Remember me, weve got forever

Remember me when youre at your end

Remember meremember me

Gone so soon, its so hard to believe

Only 17 years now youre gone, makes no sense to me

Looking back now it isnt hard to see

You lived life to the full, so abundantly

Now you say

33 years of teaching how to live

3 nails, some thorns, a cross you now forgive

Your grace and mercy make me new

Still Lord I wonder why are there so few

When you say

Walking on Water

Id be walking on water if Id just trust you more

And wed take this thing farther, if Id pick myself up off the floor

We take what we can get when we sense that fall from grace

Dont blame me, dont shame

I want to be in Your presence soaking up all the essence of Youof You

I want to bask in Your glory, understand every story of You, of Youof You

This world seems so big, my existence so small

Im so shakeable, Im so breakable

Heaven Bound

The smell of Fall in the air

The farmers in the fields

Fog settles softly across the ground

Are we Heaven bound

Winter gives a chilly blow

Frozen ground collects the snow

Kids cuddle to warmth found

Are we Heaven bound

What's the season, what's the reason

For making Him known

Grass gets greener, winds get meaner (It gets colder, I grow bolder)

I want to make Him known

Sunlight falls Spring comes to life

Stare blankly in starry night

Dewdrops quietly wet the ground

Are we Heaven bound

Summer's heat follows retreat

Smell the flowers sweet

Crickets cry out all around

Are we Heaven bound

Life With a View

What would you do

If I mentioned to you


Close your eyes momentarily

Raise all questions of eternity

Life here seems good but don't be fooled

Think what we can be as we consider this life with a view

What would you do

If I informed you

His works in us outnumber the grains of sand

The Son of God the Sacrificial Lamb

(repeat chorus)

What would you do

If I recited to you

The seven ways to be cool

You'll see it for yourself

If you join me in this life with a view

(repeat chorus)







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